[atratus-devel] Atratus v0.8 release

Mike McCormack mike at atratus.org
Thu Apr 18 11:54:08 UTC 2013

Hi All,

Atratus version 0.8 is now released, with the following improvements:

  - glibc support for both static and dynamically linked binaries
  - an NSIS based installer executable is now available
  - read-only file mappings are supported

Windows Installer:  http://atratus.org/atratus-v0.8-install.exe
            md5sum:  539274b285c7d36705ee1eb65632e106

Source tarball:     http://atratus.org/atratus-0.8.tar.gz
         md5sum:     d714fcda95dbe386b5973e15f7fb9aa0

Dropping the bootstrap C library and moving to glibc is a big step 
forward, and will allow development effort to be focused on the system 
call interface.

A bunch of terminal games and busybox utilities work in this version, 
but there's more work to do on memory management, performance, 
implementation of thread support, support for various filesystems, etc.

Known issues:
  - snake from BSD games hangs on exit, and terminal needs to be killed
  - Greed dumps a stack trace on exit
  - ash piping to files doesn't work

Looking forward to feedback!



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