[atratus-devel] Atratus v0.11 release

Mike McCormack mike at atratus.org
Fri Jul 19 14:33:31 EST 2013

Hi All,

Atratus version 0.11 is now released with the following improvements:

  - make DNS lookups work
  - build on AMD64
  - improve vt100 speed

Windows installer:  http://atratus.org/atratus-v0.11-install.exe
            md5sum:  a8b363682ef252f6b7e4bf295d05f31a

    Source tarball:  http://atratus.org/atratus-0.11.tar.gz
            md5sum:  a1f8947fd9092000ff709aa94440278f

The socket support has been improved to the point where busybox's ftpget 
can download a file from a remote FTP server, and Dropbear's dbclient 
can connect using a DNS name.

I've spent quite a bit of time working on x86-64 support.  Atratus 
patches ntdll, so this is not as straight forward as it might seem. I've 
also put together a test harness for running NT Native subsystem 
binaries that shows how NtCreateProcess works.


Known issues (and things to work on):
     - doesn't work under Wow64.
     - ^Z doesn't worl
     - mv (rename) doesn't work
     - mount is not yet supported



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