[atratus-devel] Atratus v0.10 release

Mike McCormack mike at atratus.org
Sun Jun 16 22:33:28 EST 2013

Hi All,

Atratus version 0.10 is now released with the following improvements:

  - implement signal handling, make ^C work
  - implement ECHO and ECHOCTL
  - make the dropbear ssh client work

Windows installer:  http://atratus.org/atratus-v0.10-install.exe
            md5sum:  d866a4e34f1a61a8054a692b98e5c337

    Source tarball:  http://atratus.org/atratus-0.10.tar.gz
            md5sum:  067327861066c719c31655a956dd970e

^C now kills processes without killing everything.  Segfaults and other 
runtime errors should generate signals and kill only the process they 
originate in.  The dropbear client now works, and can be used to ssh to 
a numeric IP address!

Known issues (and things that need to be worked on):
    - /dev cannot be listed
    - mv (rename) doesn't work
    - ^Z suspends processes, but ash doesn't notice
    - DNS resolution doesn't work

As always, I'm interested in your feedback, comments, flames and hints 
at what would be useful in the next version.



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