[atratus-devel] Atratus v0.9 release

Mike McCormack mike at atratus.org
Thu May 16 22:04:44 EST 2013

Hi All,

Atratus version 0.9 is now released with the following improvements:

  - implement openat(), allows tab completion in ash
  - implement sendto() and recvfrom(), for wget
  - fix fd reference counting

Windows installer:  http://atratus.org/atratus-v0.9-install.exe
            md5sum:  ed2d7e560d584d0f3875723e47a20a4c

    Source tarball:  http://atratus.org/atratus-0.9.tar.gz
            md5sum:  38ff64532af529ddea9259061fc3fff1

In this release tab completion and file redirection now work well in 
busybox's ash shell, and wget can download files from numeric IP addresses.

Known issues (and things to resolve for the next release):
   - job control and signal handling in the shell don't work
   - ^C, any segfault or unhandled syscall kills everything
   - DNS resolution doesn't work



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